Monday, June 18, 2007

How to look for a place to stay in Australia - Part 2

I missed out LaTrobe University Melbourne and Deakin University in my last post about how to look for a place to stay.

For Deakin University, good suburbs would be Camberwell, Burwood, Auburn or if you look on any 4-5 stations between this train line on this site -

For LaTrobe University. Bundoora campus is close to Preston, Croxton, Thornbury and Northcote suburbs. There is a city campus as well, in case all your subjects are at the city campus please look at the RMIT University option as all trains and most trams lead to the city.

For students at cities other than Melbourne, I apologise. I haven't lived in any other city for long, but here is a handy help. Look for the public transport website of each city (google for 'public transport ') and look for friends, relatives or any other suburb which is closer to your university campus by public transport.

For Sydney:

For Brisbane:

For Perth:

For the first few days that you are here staying at a dormitory and sharing your beds with a few travellers is a norm. Look for 'Backpacker accomodation' on google for the city you are going to.

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Subash said...


I am an MBA aspirant from India. I have 3 years of IT experience in Fortune 100 companies. I am interested in pursuing MBA from a top univ in Aus (Preferably group of eight). I have done a bit of research on the immigration options from the site

I have a few questions.. very trivial ones any guy would have before applying bcos return of investment is something every international student considers thoroughly before applying/leaving.

# Any student completing 2 years masters degree like MBA is eligible to apply for PR under the Skilled migrant visa category - "Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)"

# He is also eligible for the 18 months temporary work visa - Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) visa (subclass 485) - but it says this is only for ppl to gain experience before appliying PR.. not sure what they mean by that,,.. will a guy with TR be able to work in skilled jobs full-time???? for that 18 months

# But - this visa process is going to take sometime and also.. the visa should be applied when u have completed 2 years study.. so when u apply u shud have already completed 2 years.

# There is a bridge visa facility to remain legally in Aus while u apply for ur PR/TR........ agreed.. sounds good.. but whether his bridge visas can be applied well ahead of our student visa expiry????

# How good are the chances for a person with 3 years professional exp in india with 2 years of masters (mba) from Aus univ.. to get a PR approved.. and subsequently his chances of getting a job for his skills in Aus. ?

If u can help me out on any of this answers it would be of great help..

Thanks in advance,