Monday, June 18, 2007

How to look for a place to stay in Australia - Part 2

I missed out LaTrobe University Melbourne and Deakin University in my last post about how to look for a place to stay.

For Deakin University, good suburbs would be Camberwell, Burwood, Auburn or if you look on any 4-5 stations between this train line on this site -

For LaTrobe University. Bundoora campus is close to Preston, Croxton, Thornbury and Northcote suburbs. There is a city campus as well, in case all your subjects are at the city campus please look at the RMIT University option as all trains and most trams lead to the city.

For students at cities other than Melbourne, I apologise. I haven't lived in any other city for long, but here is a handy help. Look for the public transport website of each city (google for 'public transport ') and look for friends, relatives or any other suburb which is closer to your university campus by public transport.

For Sydney:

For Brisbane:

For Perth:

For the first few days that you are here staying at a dormitory and sharing your beds with a few travellers is a norm. Look for 'Backpacker accomodation' on google for the city you are going to.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A few links for Accomodation

Most universities do have their own accomodation services which include both on campus and off campus services. Here are a few of the links for most universities. If your university is not included you can find it on their website, or ask me and I will find it for you.

Monash Residential Services
Victoria University Housing Service
RMIT Housing Advisory Service
La Trobe Uni - Accomodation Services
CQU Student Services
University of Sydney Accomodation Service
UTS - Housing
Student Housing Services - Uni Melb
Swinburne University - Renting and Sharing

These links will remain on the sidebar for your reference.