Monday, June 19, 2006

What not to forget to bring

Please realise that my advice is just that, Advice. You can choose to follow it, what makes it better is that I have been through the situations you will all probably be in after you land here.

Most of you probably have started shopping for your journey, so this is just a list of what not to forget to bring. Please also note that if this is your first time travelling to Australia your weight limit will be 40 kgs, confirm with your travel agent. This limit will also be written on your ticket.

While almost everything which is available in India is also available here in Australia, you may spend time looking for the following thereby wasting your time which can be otherwise spent looking for new places or a job.

1. Thermal wear. It was 3 deg C today morning in Melbourne, not looking good for the rest of the winter.

2. Rice cooker. Will be very helpful for your cooking needs.

3. A good utility bag. Moving from home to Uni, you will be lugging around a few books. One with many pockets.

4. Formal clothes. Atleast one suit for the guys/Western style formal wear for the girls. When you get calls for some interviews, they request you to wear formals. Even for those part time jobs.

5. Comfortable sports shoes. Cannot stress this point enough, walking is a way of life for the first few months.

6. USB stick. Will be useful, trust me.

7. Good luggage. Samsonite or VIP luggage is recommended, these will stay long with you.

8. Woollen blanket. There are different types of blankets available here, called Doonas. But woollen is best.

The list is a long one. But remember these are the things you should not forget to bring. All the best again.

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